Life Groups

The Bible’s description of the early church is very much similar to that of a family; a group of friends drawn together and sharing everything, including their lives with each other. At LCC, we want to be drawing together as a family and meeting as regularly as possible. We do this through our Life Groups. These are small gatherings designed to enable us to meet, learn and grow together in a fun, relaxed setting.

Currently, we have groups which meet across Leamington and the surrounding area, meeting on the second and fourth week of each month. Groups meet:

  • on the second and fourth Monday evening of the month 
  • on the second and fourth Wednesday morning of the month

Currently we have two regular groups and one specifically aimed at Students and Young Adults.

For more specific details of when the groups are next meeting, click HERE.

We are looking to expand on these groups too! So if a group doesn’t meet in your area, let us know! For any more information, including addresses of venues, get in touch!

Life Community Church