21 Days of Prayer

We are expectant about this season of prayer we are embarking upon. Prayer is so important at LCC, and so from Monday 1st until Sunday 21st February, we are encouraging everyone at LCC to make time and space to pray.

Whenever we are more prayerful in our lives, we can expect answers to come and breakthrough in situations, because God hears and will intervene (2 Chronicles 7:14). In this extended season of prayer, we encourage you to connect with God and go deeper with Him as we pray for ourselves, our families, the church, the nation and the world. Over the next 21 days, we encourage you to get involved as much as you can, and to commit to making space to seek the Lord.  We are also encouraging you to participate in the spiritual discipline of fasting, as the Lord leads you.

Prayer eGuide Booklets will be available at LCC from Sunday 31st January, which will include an overview of what's happening (and how you can join in), our Daily Prayer Guide, and a brief summary of Fasting.

To download or view the Prayer eGuide, click here.


We are encouraging everyone to: 

1. Pray at Midday 
For our 21 Days of Prayer, we are encouraging as many people as possible to stop for 5 minutes and to pray the Lord’s Prayer. Whether you are at work or home, you could say this prayer out loud or quietly in your head.

2. Attend Small Groups
If you belong to a Small Group at LCC, we encourage you to continue to meet together during the 21 Days of Prayer. As you gather, you can stand together in prayer, and share what the Lord is saying to you to encourage one other.  We also encourage you to find a Prayer Partner who you can pray with to encourage each other, during this season.

3. Online Prayer Gatherings (on Zoom) 
For the 21 Days of Prayer, we will be gathering at the following times for prayer (and worship): 

  • Mondays: Morning Prayer 10:30-11:30am
  • Tuesdays: Morning Prayer 7:15-8:00am
  • Wednesdays: Lunchtime Prayer 12-1:00pm
  • Encounter Nights (Thursday Evenings) 7:30-7:45pm (connection) followed by worship & prayer 7:45-8:45pm
  • Fridays: Morning Prayer 7:15-8:00am
  • Prayer with the Pastors: Would you like specific, prayer for you and/ or your family? Then book a 30 minute window on either Wednesday 10th or Thursday 11th February between 9:30am-7:30pm, so that Pastors Dave or Leanne can pray with you either on Zoom, WhatsApp or Telephone.  Click HERE to book a slot to talk and pray

The Zoom Details for all prayer sessions: Meeting Id: 390 928 350 and Passcode: prayer or use the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/390928350?pwd=OXUzNERVeDVTd0RrVGtyRmptUTRxdz09

4. Participate in 24 Hour Prayer 
Wouldn’t it be amazing if for 1 day, we could have prayer going on around the clock for a 24 hour period? Our 24 Hour Prayer will take place on Saturday 13th Feb. from midnight 00:00 (Friday night/ Saturday morning) to 23:59 (Saturday night). To take part, sign-up for a slot, and commit to pray for a few minutes or even the whole hour within that slot.  During this day, we will have a Zoom Prayer room open (same details as above) for people to come and pray and pass the baton on between sessions.  Click HERE to book a slot for the 24 Hour Prayer

5. Use the Prayer eGuide
Within our Prayer Guide, you will find a daily prayer focus that can be used to help guide your prayers for a particular day. Please use this tool alongside your own prayer priorities.  Click here or on the image below to download a copy of the eGuide.

6. Fast in some way
Prayer and fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline that can deeply impact you as you set aside these weeks to seek God. For this reason we are recommending that everyone undertakes some sort of fasting as a part of their participation in the 21 Days of Prayer.  For further information and guidance on fasting, please refer to the Prayer Guide.  Below are some further resources to help you with fasting:

7. Kids' Prayer Chart
As a Church, we are really trying to encourage and help the children to engage in prayer and some form of fasting over the next 21 days.  Prayer is for everyone and for all ages.  To help with this Cathryn has created some brilliant wall charts that you can print off.  Each day has a focus for prayer/ challenge that they can take part in.  Simply click on one of the images below so you can print it off.

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