Friday 20th March

Following the Government's advice and briefings this week, as well as the guidance from the AoG (the family of churches to whom we belong), we have taken the decision that LCC will be moving to an ONLINE CHURCH expression from THIS SUNDAY, 22nd March!

What this means practically, is that the church will not be gathering physically together for our worship services on a Sunday morning, nor in any of our other ministries such as Life Groups, CAP Life Skills, Oasis etc.

However, we don't go to church, we ARE THE CHURCH! Our mission of "helping people grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ" still remains as we move forwards together. Therefore, in order to support the national effort of limiting the spread of the Coronavirus, we will need to do things a little differently, and change our expression of church at this time.

In order to maintain our growth, momentum and connection as a church, we will be communicating much more frequently with you and in different ways, using email, social media and video. We also encourage you to reach out to each other to offer love and support at this time.

We will do everything we can to help support the LCC family (and train where necessary) so that as many as possible are helped as we move to being an "online church". As you will appreciate, this is a journey and we will need to take one step at a time to move forwards, and to continue to love and support each other in these unprecedented times.

So what does the immediate future look like?


Starting this Sunday, we will be broadcasting the weekly Sunday Service from our Facebook Page. To access this:

a) If you are a Facebook user, then visit: and like our "Life Community Church" page.  When watching the service, you can like, love, share and comment to fully engage with what is happening, and to tell others too!
b) If you are not a Facebook user, then visit our website:

Here's what we're encouraging you to do:

  • Before 10:30: Message someone from the church, to see if they are ok and ready to watch the service. You can also connect with others over Skype or WhatsApp video calls. We're encouraging Life Groups to connect together, and to worship and watch as a group or as families.
  • 10:30 - 11:00: Spend some time in your home (and with others online) praying, reading the Bible and worshipping God. During this time, we will start our broadcast with "Life LIVE", which will be a "magazine style" pre-service event.  This programme aimed at any wider audience tuning in, will be talking about live and real issues, having interviews, celebrating what God is doing and praying for any prayer requests.
  • 11:00 - 12:00: This is when our one hour service will take place, which will include a worship song, prayer, encouragement and the message. There will also be an opportunity to bring our tithes and offerings to God. For details of how to give online (by card or standing order), please visit
  • After the service: Why don't you call the person you messaged before the service, have a catch up and pray together?

Over the coming weeks, we will also be seeking to provide resources for our children, so that they can continue to grow in their faith too. We are believing that this new season will be one full of faith and encouragement as we continue to grow together!


From next week, all of our Life Groups will be moving ONLINE too. Your life group leader will be equipped in how best to do this. It will involve connecting together on a video call, probably at your usual time, using an online platform such as Skype or Zoom. We will be equipping our life group leaders to set this up in time for next week.

We also encourage you to hold more regular conversations through our normal WhatsApp chats – and also using WhatsApp video calls (which can accommodate up to 4 participants at a time) and WhatsApp Voice messages. It is so vital for all of us that we communicate and pray together at this time! This way we can be encouraged and grow in our faith, as well as feeling connected to the wider LCC family.

If you aren’t currently in a Life Group where you can be cared for in community and grow in your faith, we will very soon be expanding our provision of groups. For now, you can register your interest at


All other ministries (unless otherwise notified), are temporarily suspended, as we seek to adapt in this new season.


We will be talking to our missional partners to see if there is any way that we as a church can support them at this time.  Also, we encourage you to reach out to your neighbours to offer help, hope and prayer at a time of great anxiety and distress for so many. Let's BE THE CHURCH!


We are also looking at ways in which we can increase prayer within the life of the church at this time. We will keep you posted about this!


Please continue to be careful to adhere to all the governmental guidelines around health, and self-isolation. See:


Our plans of "Going to Double" services on 29th March are temporarily on hold.  Nothing is wasted of all the planning and training, and when the time is right, we can easily implement all that has been prepared.   However, for now, let's believe that THE Church (including LCC) can see even greater growth "for such a time as this!"


Let's remember that God is on His throne! In this time of worry, confusion and distress for so many, know that He can turn this terrible situation around, for good, and for His glory! We are praying for you! Let's BE the church at this time. Trust God, look out for each other, and seek to spend time with Jesus to grow in our relationship with Him!

With love and blessings,

Dave and Leanne
(On behalf of the LCC Leadership Team)