Life Groups

Life Groups

We love our larger gatherings, both online and in person...but real life change happens in the context of relationships - small groups.  In the Bible, the disciples worshipped in the temple (large gatherings), but ministry happened house to house (small groups).

At LCC, we meet regularly in small groups, known as Life Groups, providing a place to:

  • CONNECT:Build meaningful relationships with like-minded people, and make friends.
  • CARE:Look after, support, and genuinely love one another.
  • GROW:Grow in your relationship with God, with others.


We have a growing number of different groups that meet weekly, at different times (and days) of the week.  Each group is different, in terms of ages, backgrounds and interests, with some meeting in-person and other groups online.  We would love you to get in a group, which we know you will find welcoming, and provide a chance for you to grow together with others in a relaxed setting.

Want to get in a Group?

To get in a group or simply find out more, simply complete the form below and in the message section, let us know your postcode (for an in-person group), or whether you'd be interested in an online-only group. We will then be in touch to let you know about a group that could suit your age, stage or interests, or try to answer any questions you may have.