Racial Justice

Racial Justice

Life Community Church (LCC) is a diverse church family comprising of people from many different nationalities, races and backgrounds. We celebrate and embrace our unity in our diversity. We seek to be a community that can walk alongside, support and champion each other, from any walk of life or background; a community in which people are welcome, included, and can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We aspire to be a place where all can “know God, grow together and go! make a difference” using our unique gifts and talents in the places where God has planted us in society. LCC seeks to model ultimately what heaven will be like, a place where all are welcome!

We have seen and heard of so many cases of racial injustice that have been prevalent around the globe, including the UK. We are also aware that many cases of racial injustice go unreported, may be institutionalised or subtle in nature and will never make mainstream media. As a leadership team, we say that racial injustice is wrong. We have all been made in the image of God, and as a result we believe in the sanctity of life as being of upmost importance in the eyes of God, as well as ourselves. Our shared faith and love of Jesus unites us, and learning from our differences allows us to grow into the fullness that God has for us. This means there needs to be an equity of opportunity for everyone.

If you are part of LCC and you have been affected by racial injustice and would like to receive pastoral support, please do reach out to us. To find out more, please email us at: info@life-cc.org


We will be looking to update this page with on-going resources that can help us all as we seek to upskill and educate ourselves in this vital subject of racial justice.

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