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next-steps-connectWe would love to welcome you personally to Life Community Church, and let you know a little bit more about us. Perhaps you have some specific questions about who we are or what we do? The best way to connect with you, is for you to complete our Digital Connect Card below.  After doing so, you will receive 4 emails over the next few days, that tell you a little more about Life Community Church, so you can get to know us better.  We will also inform you about some next steps that can help you "discover family and find your fit" with us.  You will also be added to our Church database, so we can keep you updated with future news and events from Life Community Church.


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next-steps-life-groupsLife Groups are an excellent way to develop friendships, experience genuine community and support, and to grow in your faith. By joining a Life Group, you can feel a greater sense of being connected to the church.