Grow Course

6 Things God uses to Grow Your Faith

Ever felt "stuck" in your Christian faith, or just desire to take some steps to see progress and your faith deepen? Over 6 sessions, the GROW course will unpack proven things that God uses to grow your faith. We look at each one in a Small Group on Zoom, as we learn and take steps forwards to really grow together in our faith. 

What does each session look like?

The GROW Course is a series of sessions consisting of a talk that looks at different ways in which God can cause our faith to grow, and is designed to create conversation. Each session has 3 key ingredients:

  • relaxed and welcoming (grab a drink and get to meet new friends during these online sessions)
  • a talk
  • good conversation and discussion.  This is where our growth can really start to take off, as we share with each other our experiences and what we're learning.

The course will take place on Zoom, and so you will need to join in from a device with access to the internet.  We run this course throughout the year, depending upon demand. Please visit our CALENDER PAGE for details of when our next one will be running.

To take part or to express an interest, simply complete the form below, selecting "Grow Course" as your choice of Growth Track.

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