After you've said "YES" to Jesus

Saying “YES” to Jesus is literally a life-changing decision.  It's the most important one of your life, as it means accepting Jesus as your Saviour, and committing to giving control of your life to Him.  Baptism is simply the next step of obedience, where you go public with your decision!

Jesus was Himself baptised, and He still asks His followers today to not only believe, but to also be baptised!

We regularly hold Baptism Preparation Courses that are designed to help you understand the meaning of baptism, as you prepare to follow in Jesus' footsteps and obey Him in this.  If you would like to explore being baptised at our next Baptismal Service or simply have some questions, then fill in the form below, stating that you are enquiring about BAPTISM in the Message section.  We will send you a follow-up email with more information about baptism, as well as detail of when our next course is taking place.