Exploring Faith

Exploring Faith

Maybe you've arrived at this page because you want to know more about becoming a Christian. Making this decision can be full of excitement, yet somewhat daunting when it comes to knowing what it means and what to do next. We want to help you on your journey with God and stand with you as you step into this amazing decision!  This page will give you just a few steps to help you get going.

1. Watch

Watch these four short videos that explain really simply, what Christianity is all about:

2. Connect

Get connected with other believers at a church near you.  It doesn't have to be Life Community Church, but we really recommend giving us a try!  You can plan your visit to us HERE.

3. Read

Read some of the Bible.  We recommend starting with Mark's gospel to find out more about what Jesus said and did.  You can start reading by visiting BibleGateway.com HEREwhich has all of the Bible for free.

Also, to read the Bible or a Bible reading plan (on a theme/ topic of your choice) the YouVersion Bible (provided by Life Church, USA) can be found at www.bible.com, or downloaded onto a mobile device from your relevant App store.

4. Pray

Prayer works, so try praying using the free resource from trypraying.co.uk.

5. Attend A Course

If you are unsure about making a decision yet but want to find out next-steps-life-groupsmore about the Christian faith, then sign up for a course that explores the Christian Faith.   The Alpha Course will allow you to explore things at your own pace, and ask some of those burning questions in a relaxed and friendly group, over coffee and cake.

Saying "YES" to Jesus

Having investigated the above information, perhaps you feel ready to say "YES" to Jesus? We believe that becoming a Christian is the best decision you could ever make.  We would love to help you take your next step as you discover this new life. Simply click the button below for more details.

"You are most welcome"