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Welcome to our  LCC Church ONLINE page!

You can watch our online services either live or on catch up, as follows:

  1. Visit our Facebook Page: (@LifeCchurchUK) or
  2. Visit our YouTube Channel: (@LifeCchurchUK) or


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1. Sunday and Weekday Overview




If you're watching online, rather than being present at the church centre in-person, we suggest you grab a drink and be in place from 10:20am, when the countdown will begin  This will give you time to sit back, relax and prepare yourself to enjoy our time together either alone or with your family.  Then at 10:30am (for about 75 minutes), the live streamed in-person service will start.  You can watch the broadcast as follows:

  1. By visiting the videos section on our Facebook Page (
  2. By visiting our YouTube Channel (

Ways to get involved:

  1. SHOW US SOME LOVE...if you're watching on social media,  please give us a LIKE or LOVE, SHARE the video with someone in your world, and COMMENT as you're watching to join in the conversation.
  2. ONLINE HOST: During the service, we have a dedicated online Host on Facebook, who will be looking forward to welcoming you and supporting you during our time together.
  3. If you're new to Life Community Church, and you'd like to know more about us, then we'd love to invite you to complete our online CONNECT FORM. We will then reach back out to you to let you to say hi, let you know a little more about us. You can complete the connect form here:


There is lots going on throughout the week, including our Life Groups (small groups), Next Steps Journey and Growth Track Courses.  For details about anything, please check out the calendar page for details of what's on, as well as our social media.

3. Kids Section



At LCC, we love children, and want to do all we can to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. There are many fun ways your children can do this. Check out the following:

1. Youtube LCC Kids channel:

On here will be the Bible memory verse challenge, worship song playlists and Bible stories.

Click here to visit LCC Kids Youtube Channel...



2. Kids' In-Person Groups:

Please visit our KIDS' PAGE for details about when our children and young people are meeting.

3. Download Children's Service Sheet:

If you are watching the service today as a family, we know some things can be difficult to understand for your children. To help them enjoy the service more, you can download a fun service sheet, on which they can write and draw things related to what we are learning today. Why not download it and print it for them?

Click here to download Kids' Service Sheet...


4. Energize Website:

The curriculum that the children are following, together with loads of resources can be made available to parents online. For access, email us so we can set you up.

Email us at:

4. Read the Bible



You can read the Bible (or a reading plan) below, that can really help you in life. The YouVersion Bible (provided by Life Church, USA) can be found at, or downloaded onto a mobile device from your relevant App store.