Meet the (Sabbatical) Team

Meet the (Sabbatical) Team

Pastors Dave & Leanne will be taking a Sabbatical from ministry from Monday 8th May - Sunday 30th July (inclusive).  Sabbaticals are recommended by the AoG for Pastors, when they have served for 5-7 years. Having served 11 years at LCC so far, they will be taking time to rest, be refreshed, to study, learn and grow in different settings and contexts. When they return from 31st July, they are looking forward to seeing God progress the vision of the church in this new season, with renewed energy and from a place of rest. PLEASE CLICK HERE to watch a short interview with Ps. Dave & Leanne who explain more about what a Sabbatical is and what they'll be doing.


During this time, they will be uncontactable (except by David Onyekwe from the Leadership Team), as this will allow them to fully rest, ready for the next season. However, during this planned Sabbatical, key team members have been equipped and positioned ready to serve you, the church, in various ways according to your needs, whether they are information, prayer or pastoral in nature.


Below you will see a picture of the key team members who will be serving you during this time and in what capacity. If you need to speak to someone, then please get in touch in one of the following ways:

1. IN-PERSON: Visit us on a Sunday, and speak to a member of the team as needed.

2. TELEPHONE: Call the office, and Angeline will support you as needed (01926) 338 488

3. EMAIL: Send your request to

4. WEBSITE: Visit us for more details at On our site you can also visit our Calendar Page to see what's happening in the life of the church.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA: Visit our social media channels (Facebook and Youtube) for more information: @LifeCchurchUK


The LCC Board of Trustees is responsible for the legal governance of LCC, overseeing finance and all areas of risk. The Trustees are David Onyekwe, Peter Stephanis (and Dave Bolton)

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